Are You Self-fulfilling A Negative Stereotype?

“I was at a lovely dinner the other day (food is a sure way to my heart, the people that feed me know this, and God bless them very plenty for me) and there were a number of heated conversations sparking off: ranging from discussions about why we have no electricity and whether or not people should pay more for it, to questions about what some called 'Chimamanda’s brand of Feminism’ and then eventually we stumbled across this statement: “Women’s biggest problem is them stabbing other Women in the back. They need to deal with that first before moaning about anything else”. 

"20" or what I call a Love Story by Wana Udobang

"In Memory Of Forgetting" is a powerful spoken word album by Wana Udobang where she candidly and emotionally explores life's high's and Lows. Beautifully arranged and delivered with an ear for excellence, you can only imagine how chuffed I was when she asked if I would get involved in her project... I told her if she hadn't asked I would've crashed the set anyways. :)


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