Travelling to South Africa with SA Tourism

I travelled with a small group of Nigerians and Ghanians to South Africa on an all expenses paid trip to experience tourism in South Africa like I had never done it before. I will admit I was a little sceptical and expected to be fully focused on work and possibly have to manage a lot of diva behaviour on the trip, but I was pleasantly surprised.

Fast forward to a few months after this experience, there have been a series of attacks in South Africa targeting other Africans, triggering conversations of a completely Xenophobic South Africa and sparking retaliatory violence in Nigeria.

It saddened me tremendously to see how quickly so many gravitated towards the worst news and became mirrors themselves of the discrimination and violence they were protesting. It also encouraged and reminded me that we perish for lack of knowledge of each other, of our pain and our successes, so in the coming months I will be diving back into explorations of my fellow Africans on the continent and diaspora, to shed a little more light on how much more similar we are than different.

What are your thoughts?