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My BET Weekend Experience: A Story About Faith

My BET Weekend Experience: A Story About Faith

Mumsie asked me the other day why I made the video about my BET Experience weekend, and honestly it was a question I had both anticipated and dreaded. It had me stumbling over words trying to explain something in a way that was concrete and made sense.

I paint myself because I am so often alone and because I am the subject I know best.
— Frida Kahlo


I knew why I took the time to edit, or at least I felt I knew. I just did not understand how to communicate it. This is because where I'm from, we like to speak in concrete terms and certain plans, referencing business Ideas tried and tested. My life has not really followed that pattern so honestly I’m used to people assuming I'm just faffing about. I am also used to the assumption that I can do that because I have had an easy life; And when compared with many people in the world perhaps I have. 

I have known tragedy young. I have been a bit of a rebel and a disappointment. I have been told I cannot amount to much.

It might not seem like a lot to deal with for some people,  but these have been my burdens and I have tried to not let them stop me. I have done this by  consciously choosing how I want to live. And that comes with it’s own set of challenges.

There is the assumption that being a media presenter is an easy Job, one where like royalty,   you simply show up and everything is done for you.


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 I made this video, (and will continue making them ) to document this process, in the hope that these experiences show you a glimpse of what it might be like to chose to live the life you actually want. It is not glamorous, there is a lot of waiting, uncertainty, long hours of filming and you are expected to look flawless and unruffled once the camera is on you. You are expected to smile on days your heart is breaking.  Usually I don't have to pretend  but some days are challenging days. But challenges non-withstanding, I am extremely grateful to have these opportunities.

There are others who may, like me, already have the life  they always dreamed of, they need only  stop and take stock. I took stock on this trip and the epiphany frankly humbled and overwhelmed me. I was simply stunned by how many of my prayers have  been so completely answered. Even the ones I did not know how to articulate. I hope therefore that this becomes an opportunity for you to remember that you are not defined by your past or by the doubts other people express. I hope you remember that you can and must forge on for a future you want .

Do not Stop, even when you are not entirely sure why you are doing what you are doing, but trust that passion and spirit of excellence to do whatever it is to the best of your ability. In other words just believe, have  a little faith and watch  the life you always dreamed of unfold before you. 



And if you happen to be  thinking of visiting Los Angeles in the coming year, know that the BET Weekend is a pretty good time to  do just that. 


If you want to see more head over to my YouTube Channel  or click here to see a video about my BET Experience

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