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Diaries Of A Nigerian Nomad: Discovering The New Africa with Ndani.TV In Mocambique

Diaries Of A Nigerian Nomad: Discovering The New Africa with Ndani.TV In Mocambique

A trip to Mocambique means flying into Maputo which is the capital and where the international airport is Located.

I remember upon arrival and driving in Maputo's city streets the interesting mix of old and new. Maputo is a city with a history and it bears evidence to this proudly.

Thinking of places to stay? I highly recommend the Polana Serena Hotel in Maputo for a multitude of reasons! 1. The place is gorgeous. 2. They treat all their guests like royalty and 3. It is conveniently located near a tourist cluster (a number of tourist activities/centres) which means you are never quite far from food, shopping and relaxation options, most of which are  within easy walking distance!

Just a short walk or drive away from the Polana Serena you can choose to explore the train station (also a famous bar and still has the blue line luxury train which runs through different parts of Africa, clearly another adventure I need to go on); then explore the famous fort with cannons used to protect the city from invaders. And then of course there are interesting curiosities like the famous (and for the time ridiculously expensive) Iron house! Imported by a Portugese Governor who clearly had more money than sense!

If like me you enjoy exploring a little further afield from town but you don't want to break the piggy bank, try visiting nearby Inhaca Island. A mere 40 Minutes away by boat its an easy commute made easier by the gorgeous water, views and sky! Plus when you get to the island there's even more to explore!

There are a number of things to do on the Island if you are so inclined: From enjoying delicious fresh sea food, to exploring the mini forest, underwater flying (you are tied to hold on to a boomerang-looking flat sheet of plastic which is tied to a speed boat and you perform acrobatics underwater), to simply enjoying the picturesque surroundings and taking as many profile pictures as possible!

Seeing is truly believing with Mocambique and believe me, it is one of the best holiday spots on the continent. Visit Mocambique and tell them Folu sent you.