#FolusTravelDiaries: Exploring Rio The Playlist

Graffiti along 'Olympic Boulevard' in Rio De Janeiro


The first track of this playlist which is called " Travel Writers" is so good at conveying the curious wonder I felt and (what felt like) the slow pace my mind was working at as it adjusted to my new surroundings. When things are new, they can also be confusing, and in think this song tells the story well of how I was just taking everything in and appropriately I found it while travelling and searching, through the Spinlet site(which by the way you can shop on from any country in the world and in any currency).

Another thing I realised about the vibe in Rio, was that it was melodic and smooth! Oh the vibe was smooth! I spent so much time listening to ms Erykah Badu as well, that this song 'So special' by Monea ft Ebisan gives just the right mix of smooth and funky. And at this point I was falling in love and realising just how Special Rio de Janeiro was.


And then you fall, straight into beautiful, uplifting, time of our lives type of music. It's a head-long rush into the amazing vocal stylings of Ebisan ft Chee the Voice, and it leaves you breathless with wonder and excitement. I love Rio.



Padeya is the sound that comes when you realise that you are just to enjoy the vibe and who better to create such beautiful sound than IBK Spaceship Boi who's understanding of the latin american sound of joy is spot on. If this doesn't leave you with a smile on your face a wiggle in your feet, then I dont' know what will. 


Miracles by vic for me represents some more introspection. When after the wonder and amazement when I had a moment to pause, i kept thinking how miraculous this trip was and how God really pulled through for me. And i remembered again that if it happened for me it could happen for anyone if they believe.


And after the wonder comes the goofball, when its time to let your hair down and just be a goofball, 80's baby style. Groove.


Finally, it's time to get into the chill house groove and horns that dominate the brazilian night life. Shuga House's Saxy groove is reminiscent of the ambience to be found in fancy lounges across the swankier parts of Rio like Leblon.

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