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Falana Music - Nigerian

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I start the post with "Start Again" by Falana because it's exactly the type of attitude one needs to get by the daily grind. Just dust yourself off and start again especially because there is so much passion and joy you need to experience out there, and you will never get there if you don't learn to start again. 

Also Falana is a dope artist and this post is about some dope Artists I am itching to see more of in 2016.


His music is filled with as much sincerity, warmth and honesty as the man himself, and It's a beautiful thing to listen to. Far outside the conventional music found in his society today this Nigerian Folk-indie-soul singer is one to have in your library as he's creates timeless music that will have you all in your "feels" every time you listen. 

Bemyoda- Nigerian

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The Collectiv3 is a collaboration of several Nigerian Artists (Kid Konnect, SDC, Ikon, Temi Dollface, Poe and Funbi) who made waves in Lagos, Nigeria at the end of 2015, but there was something about the combination of Poe and Funbi that made me feel like i discovered a big ol' diamond in the rough, and the song "Adore Her" will now always make me smile!

Sute is one artist I like more and more each time i delve into his tracks. Lyrics for days and with a flow reminiscent of spoken word, I am beyond excited for all the new music Sute drops in 2016.

French- Cuban duo consisting of twin sisters " Ibeyi" were one of my favourite discoveries in 2015, so saying i'm looking forward to them this year is an understatement. I was drawn to them by their clear attachment to Yoruba customs (slightly changed as they are via Cuba) which you can tell by their name, which in Original Yoruba is written as "Ibeji" meaning "Twins" and their songs "Oya" and " River" which nod to the Yoruba Goddesses Oya and Osun.


Find more of their music here:

And then of course there is my Ghanian sister " Lady Jay". It's been a while since an RnB singer/rapper got me excited, but honestly Lady Jay is the one. If you don't believe me just check out this track and her sound cloud. Ridiculous. Gwan Lady, kill it in 2016

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Finally let me leave you with the video for " The Renaissance " by Dubai-based Nigerian Tomi Thomas. Nigeria is sleeping on this man's talent but never fear because I'm excited for the rest of the world to tap into it. 


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