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Ok so  I struggled for a while with what to type and the best way to write this, but basically, Ndani TV rocks and they made this possible!

In December 2015 I received news that "The New Africa," the travel-documentary show I created under Ndani TV had been nominated for the best documentary award and I was stunned, excited and humbled.

A number of other Ndani TV productions also received a nod this year including: "Skinny Girl In transit" received a nomination:  Best Actress in a Comedy(Movie/TV Series) and guess who the producer was? *wink*); and "Officer Titus" received a nomination: Best Television series.

{Click here to watch Skinny Girl in transit, and click here to catch up on Officer titus}

I am however going to take this opportunity to gush just a little bit as The New Africa was my first major production and it would not have been possible but for Guaranty Trust Bank and Ndani TV.

This may read like an advanced acceptance speech, but ( in case I do not get the chance to give one..hehehe) I personally need to thank all the creative minds at Ndani TV that made this dream possible. I really set out to show a reality of Africa I know... contemporary with deep undeniable tradition; young and developing but with a global outlook. And I pitched this concept to Ndani Tv's Creative Director,the powerhouse that is Jadesola Osiberu; and she not only listened to my crazy idea, she saw the vision. She showed me the ropes of how to plan a production and put this Idea before Lola Odedina at GTBank who, as a visionary herself,  has been a staunch advocate for the Ndani Vision. And that was how in a nutshell "The New Africa" came to be.

It must be stated for the record though that the vision would have remained just that, without the backing of an immense team and some of the most creative individuals I have had the pleasure of working with.

The core travel crew of I  Kagho Crowther Idhebor aka "Bichop", cinematographer extraordinaire; Adeola Oyerinde our sound recordist with the heart of Gold, and Muhammed Atta, who not only travelled with us on the first trip but was behind the graphics, and visuals for Uganda(helping me make that dreaded bungee jump) and last but certainly not least David "Wyte" Jameson, the silent visual assassin.

Although only a few travelled many where involved with counsel, support and on a few of the closer more adventurous trips (filming Lagos & Calabar is a story I will post about one day soon!);from also Alex Dominguez who filmed in Capetown to the constant Ndani Sound engineer Christopher Clement; my Ronin Ninja on beaches across lagos Tope Molebi Ejuetami and the wise wizard Tega Idadi.

 There was super-cynical-yet-somehow-incredibly helpful John Hari(thanks crazy)always with a helpful edit suggestions; and thank you Femi Gbamigbetan for being there with wise words at the beginning and beyond, and churning out the first cut of the Mozambique edit when I lost hope!

And of course I can't forget my graphic Ninjas Niyi Okeowo and Victor Etukudo! The warmest hugs and shout outs also go to the resilient and persistent Agnes Marquis, who calmly and continuously looked for ways to make things happen when I panicked and stuck my head in the ground; and Thank you Olaitan Adegoke for setting up our Ghanaian trip and offering words of encouragement and support always, and lest I forget our constant helpers and supporters and drivers Mr Ganiyu's 1 &2 .

I had to take the time to write all of this because it is only the smallest level of appreciation I could show to a team who helped make my ridiculous dream possible, and to the many other people who were instrumental in making this show a reality but are too many to name ( this includes my family and friends) a thank you and I pray the universe always meets you at your points of need. I am truly grateful. 

So this is my longest post ever, but really all i'm trying to say is: Thank you all so much and here's to more adventures together and individually. Check it out Dad! I'm an AMVCA Nominee! Whoop! 

To watch the trailer of Ndani Tv's " The New Africa" click here.


BTS: Poe ft Funbi- "ADORE HER"

BTS: Poe ft Funbi- "ADORE HER"

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