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Hello There 2016!

Happy New Year to You all! Excited to be starting another chapter, it's another opportunity to  be more. 

I typically don't make resolutions at the start of the year, but this year  feels a little different and as such I would like to share my 2016 To Do List with you all . Mostly because 1. I hope It will focus me even more on achieving my goals. 2. I hope it will help you start thinking about yours a little harder too!

... Just jump...

...Just jump...

1. Be Brave: Take a Leap of Faith! Whether it's in your spiritual, professional, love, or work out life, this rule always applies! If you don't try you wont ever know for sure if you could have or would have made it. It's a brave person who dives knowing there's a risk, but remember to be brave! Life is not for the weak.

2. Be Consistent: Major Key to Success. In case you couldn't already tell, DJ Khaled has become my new life coach (and i've noticed this is the case for a good number of you too). But very seriously, being consistent is a major key to being more successful, because everytime you complete or finish a task, it adds a little bit more to your reputation. You become the go-to person/ authority in your area. That my friends is the power of consistency. Major key to More Success!


3. Walk Your Path: Be Purposeful. This is probably the hardest of all because it's easy to lose sight of your path. We all want to know what our purpose is, but sometimes we get distracted by the shiny things on the paths of our friends, and forget to check that we stayed on our own path while we spent so much time checking out the paths of everyone we met on our way. To walk with purpose requires an almost daily self examination of your thoughts, and actions; recognising the good, bad and ugly. Spend as much time as you can making sure your actions match up with your desires. If you want your boss to recognise the work you do: work harder, be proactive, be bold and show your work. If you want to be your own boss, understand the discipline and constant self sacrifice that requires and begin to practice it NOW even if you are still in paid employment. 

Yes I know that these days you're supposed to be quiet and just get on with it, but the older I get the more I have found that it helps to commit to paper (or internet) in writing your intentions because then you are more likely to follow through. So this 2016 here's to Taking that leap of faith, striving at being consistent (because it always pays to finish what you start) and every step of the way to reflect on the path you wish to tread, so that your daily actions may be carried out with Purpose. 

Let's rock 2016!

sending love and light by storm, 


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