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Playing Dress Up Is Always Fun.

This was the final image and I love it. My biggest travel style tip: be comfortable.


 I was recently featured in Mania Magazine's Travel edition and got to meet the beautiful soul that is Buchi Akpati. 

Make Up: Buchi Akpati

Self Styled: Earrings - Liz Ogumbo    Dress- Cuco by Omotara Thomas

She asked me a few quick questions about my personality and style, and got my make up request down to perfection: Highlighting natural features but staying soft and fresh!

These two gorgeous photos are #BehindTheScenes shot that didn't make the cut for the final feature,  but I adored all the outfits, made friends with the team and thoroughly enjoyed playing dress up for the day!x

Make up: Buchi Akpati

Photography: Buchi Akpati

Styling: Top(lace-up leotard)- The Keeper Of The Wardrobe    Skirt- The Keeper Of The Wardrobe   Head wrap- Mumsie's collection.

Thank You Weekend, And Here's To A New Week!